"Could you pass on my thanks to Miles and Graham. They are great lads who have been really enthusiastic and helpful at the Sunday night sessions." - "Christian Williams"

"As an aside, Jamie is absolutely loving the cricket sessions, he knew Milo from The Vine so was really chuffed when he saw him at Sackville School. We're very impressed with the quality of coaching he's had and how well the Coaches communicate with him. Very professional, he's keen to do more which is great!" - "Elizabeth Harsant"

"Thank you and the team for taking Seb on tour. He had an absolutely amazing time and is now even more enthusiastic about cricket and all of things related to it!! It did look truly amazing from a cold wet English office!!! The tourist of the tour t shirt is now proudly worn (only around the house!)." - "Simon Nottage"

"I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Invicta team and MSG tour group for making the Sri Lanka tour so successful. Freddie clearly had a brilliant time both on the pitches and off, with great hotels, pools, tour leaders, scenery, and wildlife helping to make such an amazing set of memories for the whole of the group!" - "Lesley Goodfellow"

"Diana and I just wanted to say thank you for a great tour. Whole Invicta team were fantastic and we were just so impressed by everyone. Big shout out to you Mike, Alex, Miles and of course Charlotte and Sophie." - "Tom Beaumont"

"Thanks for inviting Jonas to attend Invicta Cricket Coaching. Jonas has not had the opportunity previously to be coached by Ist class cricket players and cricket professionals as he has with Invicta Cricket Coaching.  Above all Jonas has enjoyed his sessions with Invicta, he has grown in confidence and has improved his cricketing skills." - "John & Reda Collins"

"Hi Lois. Archie is really enjoying the sessions!!...is it possible to book for after half term and post christmas!? He is loving it!!! The time is perfect as well!!" - "Eric Maude"

"Just wanted to say my boys have really enjoyed Invicta's coaching on Sunday and Monday. The 1-2-1 was a particular success. They both adore cricket and will certainly be back for more (beyond the next few Sundays...)!" - "Stephen"

“He had a fantastic time last week ("best two cricketing hours of my life" were his exact words) so he will look forward to next Friday”- "Clair Williams"

"Many thanks for everything over 2016, the cricket sessions matches and Dubai tour made Harry's year not only massively fun, but a very memorable one. I would really appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to all of the coaches involved; Adrian and I genuinely appreciate all their hard work and dedication.”- “Fiona Sperling”